Tuesday, November 15, 2016

postheadericon Growing Up

It has been years since I blogged last time.  Grandma and my favorite craft now is coloring in fancy grown-up coloring books. 

There are a couple of shelves of paper scrapbooks and a lot more that were done digitally.  Some of the digital are printed out and in more scrapbooks.We only do scrapping once in a rare while.  My "baby" sister has made some really nice pages, too.  Our local scrapbook store closed and Grandma bought up a bunch of page kits.  That is what we like to use right now.

I do crafting for school projects.  When you have the fancy tools and supplies your projects for school look pretty good.

My sister and I play volleyball in the fall, now.  She also plays Basketball in the winter.  We are in the school theater club and I am in Math Counts after school.

That's all for now, but I want to get active in blogging again.
Wednesday, June 8, 2011

postheadericon More Fun with Paints

 I wanted to use paints again today.  We thought and thought and decided to repaint some garden decorations.  They had faded and none of the paint that had been on them years ago was still there.  We couldn't even know what colors had been there.

putting on my favorite colors

 Looking at Grandma's Welcome sign for ideas
Finishing up
These are the path stones in place.

postheadericon Craft Week for Me

 I am staying with Grandma this week because I am out of school for the summer but both of my parents are still teaching.  I was looking through a craft book, because I have looked forward to this week so we could do crafts.  I saw a "Treasure Chest" in the book made from two paper bowls.  Just what I need for private things.
The chest has a hinge, now.
 I used a twist tie for the hinges in the back.  Then I wanted to paint the chest so I asked Grandma if she had any paints.  She laughed.  We went to a closet I didn't know had craft things.  Here is her Acrylic Paint set.
Grandma's paint set

"Private" was the first thing I painted on the chest.

 It was easy to learn how to paint because grandma had water bucket, palette, lots of brushes and lots of colors.  I wanted to try them all so I decided on a rainbow theme.
I had to try lots of colors.
 I better put my NAME on the chest.  I didn't have a lot of room left so I used some alphabet stickers Grandma had in a drawer.
Thank goodness she had all of the letters of my name
 When it was all dry I put a couple of treasures in it and took the chest home.
Tuesday, May 31, 2011

postheadericon A little exercise never hurt

Some people think crafters just sit on a chair all day long crafting.  Well, I don't.  I run.  I love to run.  My mother loves to run and I can run with her sometimes.  Like this weekend.  There was a big run for Memorial Day at a town nearby.  I really wanted to run with my mother and the run started with a 1-mile.  But we were late.  I REALLY wanted to run with my mother and the next run was a 3-mile.  I never ran 3 miles before but I wanted to try.  Mom said I couldn't drop out because we would be running through a town and she couldn't just leave me beside the road.  Well, I not only kept up with Mom, we came in ahead of the middle of the runners!  I did it!  A whole 3 miles!!!

My grandmother made this scrapbook page for me.  Maybe this week I can do a digital scrapbook page for myself.
Sunday, May 22, 2011

postheadericon Idea #7 - A Coloring Book from Digital Stamps

The Kindle light certainly helped.

 Grandma made this coloring book out of all the Kelly Kids digital stamps for me.  I love using the stamps for craft projects but for a while I have really just wanted to color them.  I love coloring books.

Here is how she did it.

1.  She created a blank page in Photoshop that was regular US Paper size, (8.5" x 11").  She put an invisible line down the middle at the 5.5" point.

2.  Then she lined up one stamp on each side and resized them so they looked good and printed out that page on white cardstock.  She printed 2 of each so my little sister would have something to color, too.

3.  She deleted those two stamps and put on two more, resized those, and printed the next page and so on and so on using all the cute Kelley's Kids we had.

4.  She wanted a cover so she left one side blank and used one of the pre-colored Kelly Kids from the Christmas set, added my name (and on the second, my sister's name) and printed the covers.

Finally she folded the pages, put the books together, and punched holes in each for ribbons. 

It sure kept us busy during the Christmas Party.

I just love the penguins and colored all of them.

postheadericon Idea #8 - Blending Colors with Brush Pens

All winter I wasn't able to craft at Grandma's house because she was in Florida.  I can't craft at home because my little sister wants to "help" me!  ACK!

Grandma had only been home a few days when Daddy bought us tickets to crop ALL DAY at my school.  Daddy isn't Grandma's son, but he is her SON-IN-LAW.  Isn't that awesome?

So here Daddy and I are at the crop.  You can't see Grandma. She took all the pictures but she was right there with us.

Some of the things I did were to cut a lot of letters and things for Daddy on Grandma's Sizzix  machine.  A lot of the ladies had fancy computer things but this one worked just fine for us.

There was a TON of food, too.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  And snacks  all day.
There was another girl from my class (Abby) there so sometimes we went to her mother's table and helped her cut things.

Grandma brought her favorite (and mine, too) markers...her 5 boxes of Zig Pens.  She doesn't let me use them very often. 

Today Grandma taught me how to blend colors with the brush tips using an unwanted CD like a pallet.

First you brush on one of the colors you want to use.  I started with a purple and made a big swipe on the CD. 
Then I took a pink brush marker and just put the tip into the purple.
  I could color both colors at once.  Grandma told me to push DOWN on the brush and not just paint with the tip.  She promised to teach me more about using fancy pens when I come crafting at her house on Tuesdays.

Bye for now!
Actually Gabby
Saturday, December 11, 2010

postheadericon Lesson #6 - Going to a Craft Class

My House Mouse card
Hey, everyone.  "Actually Gabby" went to a craft class today.  There is a craft store not too far from where I live.  It is The Sticker Store and More and they have lots of really cool classes.  The classes are supposed to be for adults but the owner said I could take the classes if my grandma was with me.  I won't be doing a 1, 2, 3 tutorial because you HAVE to do these kinds of things in a class.
Actually Gabby in class
The craft today was making a crafty greeting card with my favorite kind of rubberstamp, The House Mouse by House Mouse Designs.  The one we used today was St. Nick Mouse.
The teacher had a kit for each of us with the paper pieces all cut to size, and she had the fancy things and fun tools all ready for us.
Coloring in the stamped image
There was a lot of coloring to do after we stamped the design.  We used special paper and Copic alcohol markers.  Besides coloring, we used flocking (fuzz you glue on) on the snow, Santa suit, and Santa's gift bag. 
Cutting apart snowflakes for the envelope
It took almost as much time to make the envelope as to make the card.  We used a fancy punch to make a row of red snowflakes and then cut them apart to decorate the envelope. We also used more fancy paper and plain paper on the envelope and tiny little magnets between the papers to hold the envelope closed.

Then there was a lot of gluing...ribbon to fancy paper, paper to card, and the colored house mouse picture to the card.  This is what mine looked like when it was finished.  I wish you could see the fuzzy flocking on the suit, snow, and bag.

Actually Gabby

Actually Gabby

Actually Gabby

Hi crafters and crafter-kids,

My name is Gabby and, actually, I am a crafter. I say “actually” a lot. I am seven years old until the end of June. I am almost 7 and a half right now.

My Grandma has tons of paper-crafting supplies and she lets me explore. Daddy used to make scrapbook pages, too, but now he is awfully busy coaching.

Grandma lets me use really sharp “detail scissors” and all kinds of other cool things she has in her craft room. I learned a lot from her that I will be passing on to you as a Creative Team Member for Wuvie’s Whimsies using her Kelly’s Kids.

I can’t wait to show you what I have been doing and sharing tips with you.

Happy Crafting,



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