Friday, December 3, 2010

postheadericon Lesson #05: Flocking and Embossing

 Hey, everyone, Actually Gabby, here.

1.  I am working on some ornaments and cards for gifts and gift tags.  Above is the way your page should look if you are making two-sided things.  Notice how two are flipped horizontally.
2.   I cut out the Santas.
 3.  I got out a glue pen and some little jars of FLOCKING.  That is fuzzy stuff you buy at the craft store.  We got red, green, black and white.  We are using a tinted glue so I can see where I have put the glue.  We will switch to white for some places.

 4.  Then Grandma said we could try EMBOSSING the shiny parts.  This used a different kind of glue called embossing glue.  I sort of painted it on the parts we wanted shiny, like Santa's eyes, belt and shoes.
 5.  The clear embossing powder looks a little like fine salt.  It sticks to the special glue. 
 6.  Then you use an "Embossing gun".  That is a little like a hair dryer but doesn't blow the powder around.  Instead it turns the powder clear and shiny like glass.  I really like doing this!!!
Isn't he CUTE?


Laura said...

Grandma is so proud of you!!!

Actually Gabby

Actually Gabby

Actually Gabby

Hi crafters and crafter-kids,

My name is Gabby and, actually, I am a crafter. I say “actually” a lot. I am seven years old until the end of June. I am almost 7 and a half right now.

My Grandma has tons of paper-crafting supplies and she lets me explore. Daddy used to make scrapbook pages, too, but now he is awfully busy coaching.

Grandma lets me use really sharp “detail scissors” and all kinds of other cool things she has in her craft room. I learned a lot from her that I will be passing on to you as a Creative Team Member for Wuvie’s Whimsies using her Kelly’s Kids.

I can’t wait to show you what I have been doing and sharing tips with you.

Happy Crafting,



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